Registered Psychotherapist

Anxiety ~  Stress ~ Depression ~ Self-Esteem

Melanie Tinianov, RP  

Registered Psychotherapist

Are you having struggles with the following?

· Personal development

· Finding and improving self-esteem

· Building confidence

· Coping with change

· Improving relationships

· Finding your purpose and passion

· Finding clarity and improving decision making

· Managing stress and improving energy levels

· Achieving work/life balance

· Improving health and wellbeing

· Finding inner peace and contentment

· Letting go of unhelpful emotions

· Becoming responsible for your own thoughts

You have the answers within you and as a Registered Psychotherapist, I can help you find them…

Psychotherapy with Melanie offers a unique, thought provoking, creative and intuitive process that generates powerful insights which help you maximize your potential.  

As a Registered Psychotherapist I listen, support and guide you to understand what works for you and what doesn’t and help you manage the process of change so you can be the best you can be!


Let yourself be guided to maximize your potential and experience your life with confidence and support.


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Located in Markham, ON


Be the best YOU you can be

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