ManiCure 4 Cancer


ManiCure 4 Cancer is a fundraising event involving high school students in cosmetology classes.  Melanie Tinianov, Founder of ManiCure 4 Cancer has been invited into the school system to teach students about product toxicity and chemical awareness, using a unique approach which students and teachers find inspiring and riveting.  Students, with the help of their teachers, are asked to build this fundraiser, offering manicures, hand massages, hair cuts, air brush tattoos, hair extensions, baked goods to their peers, teachers and parents.  The prices vary and all proceeds are generously donated to ManiCure 4 Cancer, which in turn, donates the funds to various researchers directly or the Canadian Cancer Society, to help find a Cure for Cancer.


Students learn more, experience more and realize their potential in so many different ways.  This is a life changing event for most and knowing that they have largely contributed to saving a life is mind blowing.  Everyone walks away each year with a great sense of pride and accomplishment.




ManiCure 4 Cancer 2010 - Diane Marchisello, Alexander Mackenzie High School Cosmetology Teacher; Melanie Tinianov, Founder of ManiCure 4 Cancer; Shawna Meshwork, Canadian Cancer Society Fundraising Coordinator


Our Story



ManiCure 4 Cancer was conceived quite by accident.  Cancer survivor and parent, Melanie Tinianov, walked into the wrong classroom on parent/teacher night in September 2010.  As it turned out, it was the right classroom after all.  Diane Marchisello, Cosmetology Teacher was there and Melanie (professional holistic aesthetician) asked if Diane would like to do a fundraiser, offering aesthetics services to the teachers of Alexander Mackenzie High School, in Richmond Hill, Ontario.  The two had a conversation about the fundraising possibility and thought that the students would benefit greatly from this type of project. 


Melanie was then invited to speak to a group of cosmetology teachers within the school board to share her story and present the concept.  The teachers found Melanie to be inspiring, intoxicating and full of energy.  They were on board and on January 13, 2010, the first ever ManiCure 4 Cancer fundraising event was held at 6 different high schools.  $1600 were raised for the Canadian Cancer Society.  It was an incredible day.  Everyone felt uplifted and proud.


The second annual ManiCure 4 Cancer was held on January 13, 2011, whereby 16 high schools participated, raising almost $10,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society.


As the number of participants increases, so will the funds raised, ultimately leading to finding a cure for cancer.

ManiCure 4 Cancer poster made by students with various cancer ribbons to coordinate with nail polish colours.
Students hard at work giving manicures to their peers.
Supportive teachers getting a manicure from a trusted student.
Another sign made by students - their message is loud and clear.
Even the male teachers are in support of this fundraiser.

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Ask your manicure salon or hair salon if they are participating and give them our website.  You'll be glad you did.